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Apple iCloud and iTunes Match

12. Juni 2011

In seinem blog berichtet der schwedische Wissenschaftler Patrik Wikström über Apples angekündigte iCloud. Ein absolut lesenswerter Artikel.

„Apple iCloud and iTunes Match

During this spring, a number of online music services have been launched which all are intended to provide a cloud-based music experience – Store music in the cloud and access it from everywhere. Amazon, Google and today Apple have launched (or are about to) different versions of such services.

While Google and Amazon have failed to get license agreements with major labels and publishers, Apple has indeed signed some agreements: During the last couple of days it has been announced that the split will be 58% labels, 12% publishers and 30% Apple (at least for major rights holders). But what kind of revenues will they actually share? The basic iCloud service which will allow you to access your iTunes purchases from any device for free so that is not where the revs are coming from. Rather it seems as the only music related revenues will be generated from a feature Apple has labelled iTunes Match. iTunes Match scans your music library and identifies a copy of your songs stored in the Apple iTunes catalogue. When this procedure is completed you can legally access your songs from any iOS device. The service is priced at US$25 per year.

So the music people have purchased already via iTunes will be available in the cloud for no additional cost (isn’t that generous) and the songs they have downloaded from Pirate Bay will suddenly get a stamp of approval and considered legal for US$25 per year. The question is how this will affect the way people acquire new music  – will this convince them to purchase songs from iTunes or will they continue downloading illegally from other sources and regularly run the iTunes Match to establish the legal copies on their iCloud accounts.

Without having seen the service it does sound rather cumbersome – at least if you compare to other cloud-based music services which does not use users illegal music files as their point of departure. I promise I’m not a Spotify evangelist but compare the two and iTunes Match seems inapt and a bit pathetic.“


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